Danielle Staub- Officially Broke!

Good God, can we stop talking about this woman already?! Just when you think that we have heard all we will ever hear about the hot mess housewife that is Danielle Staub, she strikes again. This woman can't stay out of the spotlight or trouble, we can't think of a more demented and twisted human being. Ever since her fallout with the people behind the show that made her 'famous', Real Housewives of New Jersey, this disgusting woman has been doing everything she can to stay relevant (if she ever was??). Between failed reality shows and sex tapes and lawsuits, Staub has only managed to tarnish her name beyond repair on the public eye. And now, we can add bankrupcy to the list. Staub has filed chapter 7 bankrupcy, and has listed 35 (yes, 35!) creditors in her claim. We can't say we are remotely surprised, in fact, she probably did this intentionally just to throw her name back out there. Someone throw this lady behind bars, for good, so we don't have to hear anymore about her ever again! Be gone Danielle Staub, be gone!

Danielle Staub Gets Served!

This past Halloween, Danielle Staub was trying to strut her stuff down a red carpet event when she was served legal papers filed by her ex Steve Zalewski! How embarrassing! As if Danielle hasn't humiliated herself enough for one lifetime, the drama just keeps on coming. Zalewski is apparantely furious over the fact that Staub is claiming their sex tape was made without her consent. Come on honey, you're not deaf or blind, we're sure you saw that camera. That's going to be a hard one to argue since she is looking into the camera during most of it... ew, just replaying those images in our head is enough to vomit. That sure sounds like a shitty way to start off a party!

A Break In at Staub Residence

danielle staub

Well, former residence, since she has been forced to sell her home (worth over 1 million) and had to hand her keys over to a court appointed realtor. Two of Danielle's neighbors also had their homes broken into, so it was more of a random attack than a direct attack on Staub. Her security cameras were in tact, but NJ police haven't made any arrests nor do they have any suspects. We're sure if the robbers knew whose house they were in they would bathe in rubbing alcohol to rid themselves of anything they touched while in her home. After seeing that sex tape, who knows what she does behind closed doors!

Staub's Legal Woes

Lucky for her, this time it's more directed at the publishing company Simon & Schuster. Danielle wrote a book called 'The Naked Truth', which is a tell-all type novel, as if we didn't already know way more than we want to about this trainwreck. In her book she makes statements about her ex husband, Kevin Maher, which he claims are untrue. He warned the publishing company that if they went ahead and published the novel that he would file a lawsuit, but they did it anyways. Maher says they "failed to use reasonable care to determine the truth or falsity", and he wasn't going to sit back silently and let it happen. Lucky for Staub she seems to be only half involved in this case, it will be interesting to see how it unfolds. 

Danielle Staub's Sketchy Past

We all know her as this trainwreck housewife, living it up in a glamorous world, but things weren't always so sparkly in Danielle Staub's world. Long before she was a rich bitchy housewife, Staub worked the streets of Miami under the name Angela Minelli. Prositution goes hand in hand with drugs, and at one point Danielle found herself in a bad situation where a deal went sour and $100,000 worth of the white stuff went missing. Now this was back in the '80s, but apparantely after she was caught up in that incident, drug lord Pablo Escobar himself put out a hit on Danielle! Who knew Danielle Staub had a connection to Pablo Escobar, she's cooler than we thought!

Danielle Staub Into Guys or Gals??

Hold on to your hats everyone, the much anticipated sexual orientation of Danielle Staub will be revealed shortly- on her new reality show! (Yet to have a name). Danielle seems to think the world can't wait to see which team she plays for, although most suspect she is dipping into the lesbien world with her extremely close relationship with Lori Michaels. Guess we will have to wait and tune in to her new, and likely horrible, reality show to find out!

Danielle Staub Spinoff- ON!

Rumors are true! Danielle Staub will begin filming in a couple weeks for not only one, but TWO new shows. The first will be basically a generic reality show, following around the ex-housewife and documenting her life and the people in it. Apparantly the second gig is a hosting gig (where did that come from?). This crazy bitch needs to get a life and get off television and go try to be a real mother, or perhaps work on her legal case as she is currently fighting with her ex-husband in court.

Danielle Staub vs. Naomi Campbell

danielle staub naomi campbell

The always dramatic Danielle Staub continues to keep herself in the limelight with her latest rampage being towards the famous model Naomi Campbell. Campbell enraged Staub by taking the side of her arch enemy Teresa Giudice, coming to her defense over her erratic behavior at the reunion show (using profanity and shoving the host). Danielle seems to think these two have something in common, that being the fact that they both like to be violent towards other women, referring to Campbell throwing a cell phone at her maid back in 2007 and Giudice's physical threats towards Staub at the reunion show. All we can say is, these bitches are crazy and will do anything for 15 seconds of fame.

Danielle Staub Sextape

danielle staub


The infamous Danielle Staub Sextape is a whopping 75 minutes long and could be classified as a horror film. The 47 year old has one thing going for her, her ridicuously toned body considering her age, but that's about it. A lot of the film is shot by Danielle herself with a handheld camera, but also features parts with a unidentified male. Hustler bought and distributed this film, and we really wish they would have kept it to themselves.  The sextape is titled Danielle Staub Raw... yikes! None of Staub's fellow NJ housewives were surprised when the tape surfaced.

danielle staub boobs

Watch the sextape here!

Danielle Staub Spinoff Unlikely

danielle staub

After getting booted from Real Housewives of NJ Danielle is out hunting for her own reality show, but chances are small that she'll land her own gig since her contract with Bravo keeps her from signing with anyone else for the next 2 years... and they sure aren't going to put that hot mess on TV again anytime soon. Rumor has it that Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita were the cause of Danielle's departure, threatening to leave the show themselves if Bravo didn't act fast and kick Staub to the curb. Oh well, she can always make another sex tape!

Danielle Staub a Lesbian??

danielle staub

Gracing the cover of Steppin' Out magazine, Staub revelas that she's not only kissed other women, but she's been in 6 different relationships with women. She goes on to say that details on her sexuality are 'private' (yea, right! NOW she wants privacy), but we all know that she'll hop into bed with whatever comes her way. Maybe the next big thing for Staub will be a girl on girl sextape? In the interview she goes on to compare her fellow NJ housewive Teresa Giudice to a character out of 'Planet of the Apes', dont' think she'll be too happy with that comparison.


Watch Danielle Staub Raw!